Transport group seeks implementation of Renewable Energy Law

Transport group seeks implementation of Renewable Energy Law

A LEADING transport group yesterday called on the government to fully implement the Renewable Energy Law passed by Congress years ago.

The Kilusan sa Pagbabago ng Industriya ng Transportasyon (KAPIT) chaired by Atty. VIgor Mendoza is pushing for BEEPS or Bio ethanol powered jeepneys.

According to Mendoza, it is high time for the government to push and support renewable clean energy to fuel our vehicles. He said fossil fuels like diesel and gasoline have limited supply.

“If these supplies eventually run out, the price will hit the roof. We cannot be complacent as this scenario is just a matter of time. As we speak, the price of fuel is inching upwards,” Mendoza said.

From P20 per liter, in less than a year, diesel price jumped by 60 percent or P32 per liter.

He said with the excise tax proposal, diesel will rise from P38 to P39 per liter.

“We are also now in the crossroads of modernization. Whatever technology we choose should be good for the next 10 to 15 years, as we cannot expect our jeepney operators to re-fleet earlier,” Mendoza said.

During the hearings on renewable energy, it was fully explained that Ethanol is a viable option as it comes from plants, like sugar, corn and cassava.

“It is renewable and promotes zero pollution. It also supports the country’s energy security program as we become less dependent on imported fuels. With ethanol, operators can shift to air-conditioned vehicles, which electric vehicles at the moment cannot do efficiently,” a study said.

Citing a study, Vigor said that with the use of ethanol-powered aircon vehicles, fare pricing is 20 percent higher as compared to non-aircon jeepneys.

The use of ethanol-powered jeepneys will add to the income of drivers from around P1,000 to P1,200 per day.

“This is more than enough to off-set the higher cost of ethanol fuel, which is estimated at P53 per liter. At this price, average jeepney fuel cost will increase by P560 per day. But due to the increased income, there will still be a net gain of P440 to 640 per day,” he said.

“Our decision today will have an impact on our environment in the future. Though we cannot totally leave fossil fuel-based engines yet, KAPIT believes that, as we modernize, we have to consider the impact of the technology we choose on our health and environment.,” Mendoza added.