What We Do

BEEP Program


The BEEP Program is a Jeepney Modernization and Effective Utilization Program that aims to develop and support members of the unified transport system. Members gain access to 1-TEAM’s special support and consultancy services at a discounted rate.


Members are comprised of transport leaders, drivers, conductors, and operators that are affiliated with 1-TEAM’s partner transport groups and associations. They undergo a rigorous screening and selection process that includes psychological assessment and drug testing. Drivers and conductors under the BEEP Program also adhere to rules and guidelines that promote their “5 Cs Value System” – Competency, Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Citizenship.


Manpower Selection and Training


Using its proven methodology for screening and selection, 1-TEAM helps find, assess, and hire top quality personnel including drivers, conductors, and terminal staff. It utilizes standardized psychological tests and drug tests to ensure that personnel are fit to work. 1-TEAM’s supplementary training services also ensure that personnel have regularly updated knowledge and skills that help them do their job well. Other training services include functional skills training, customer service training, and management training.

Equipment Repair and Maintenance


In ensuring that the BEEPs are operating at required performance levels, 1-TEAM is capable of offering full execution of vehicle repairs and maintenance. Additional support in hiring and training in-house mechanics can also be provided. As the representative of operators to international vehicle providers, 1-TEAM ensures that proper training and sharing of knowledge is done in order to maintain the quality of the BEEPs.

Operation of Land Transport Services


1-TEAM Operations Management support can be offered in both an end-to-end management solution or as an advisory service. Representatives work directly with on-ground personnel to manage day-to-day activities, monitor people and vehicle performance, and provide recommendations for greater efficiency and optimal profitability.

Financial Consultancy


1-TEAM is the only company that uses SAP technology in accounting and financial reporting. It assists in monitoring, assessing, and forecasting finance transactions and overall financial position of a fleet of public utility jeepneys. 1-TEAM also serves as the representative of fleet operators in liaising with banks and other financial institutions.

Advertising Support


The steady spread of BEEPs operating in strategic locations around the country creates ad placement opportunities. 1-TEAM represents partner vehicles in negotiating and coordinating with ad agencies and commercial brands. Ad execution may utilize both interior and exterior design elements of the BEEP.

Legal Affairs


1-TEAM works with the law firm Malcolm Law to provide legal support and consultancy that covers the setup of corporations and cooperatives, compliance of bank requirements, creation and review of labor management contracts, tax planning, and franchising.